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a charming village steeped in history and brimming with natural beauty, vibrant community life, and an array of amenities to explore and enjoy.

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Clare County Council Climate Action Plan Consultation

Update 14 November 2023: Download meeting presentation (pdf) Circular Clarecastle & Tidy Towns will …

A picturesque village where nature, outdoor activities, and a thriving community come together.

Discover the beauty of our natural surroundings through outdoor activities, while exploring the rich heritage and camaraderie of our Clubs and Societies. Delight in local cuisine at our eateries and browse our quaint shops, all while experiencing the convenience of essential services right at your doorstep.

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Clubs and Societies


Established in 2009, Clarecastle Tidy Towns emerged as a response to our village’s challenges, inspiring a renewed sense of pride and energy among residents. With a focus on enhancing our streetscape, creating new facilities, and promoting local heritage and sustainability, Clarecastle Tidy Towns has played a vital role in revitalizing our beloved village.

Clarecastle Events


The Quay
1 July 2023

Ceile at the Cross Roads


Clarecastle Show

Skehanagh, Clarecastle

Ring of Clare Cycle

22 July 2023

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