Clarecastle Tidy Towns

Welcome to Clarecastle, where our strong community spirit and dedication to preserving our village’s charm have led to the flourishing of the Clarecastle Tidy Towns initiative.
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Clarecastle Tidy Towns aims to:

  • Make Clarecastle a Better Place to Live , Work & Visit
  • Enhance the appearance of Clarecastle, 
  • Raise awareness of environmental & Climate Action issues,
  • Promote a sustainable Clarecastle,
  • Promote Local Business,
  • Promote Heritage & Historical assets of the area,
  • Deepen the partnership relationship with Clare Co Co & other Local Service Providers,
  • Encourage residents, retailers, and businesses to maintain their estates and premises & public spaces,
  • Identify and deal with “black spots” and “problem areas”,

Our Team

  • Chairperson Christy Leyden
  • Secretary Ethel Slattery
  • Treasurer Gerry Mcmahon
  • Mapping Patricia Frawley
  • Flower Lead Betty Slattery
  • Web Editorial Team Seeking Volunteers
  • PRO Michael Foley
  • Community Planning and Involvement
  • Streetscape & Public Places Christy Leyden
  • Approach Roads Streets & Lanes
  • Residential Streets & Housing
  • Nature and Biodiversity
  • Sustainability Paul Ellingstad
  • Tidiness and Litter Control Ann Doran
  • Landscaping and Open Spaces

Join Clarecastle Tidy Towns!

There is a core group of 10-12 volunteers, attending our regular meetings and Monday Evening clean ups when available.

There is always room for more!

Why become a volunteer? Here’s what you stand to gain:
  • Community Impact: help make a lasting impact on our beautiful village!
  • Skills Growth: Gain valuable skills like project management, teamwork, and problem-solving.
  • Healthy Living: Volunteering with Tidy Towns is a great way to stay active and healthy, as many of the tasks involve being outdoors and include light physical work.
  • Eco-Advocacy: Play a vital role in protecting and enhancing Clarecastle’s natural beauty and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Social Connections: Meet new people, make new friends and strengthen your relationships within the community.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Experience the joy of making a positive difference.
  • Local Insight: Learn more about Clarecastle’s history, heritage, and unique biodiversity.

Clarecastle Tidy Towns volunteering is open to all!

Get in touch today and let’s shape the future of Clarecastle together!
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